What We Do

We are dedicated to enhancing your sense of well being! At Relax Ave Day Spa we offer a variety of spa treatments that we hope you enjoy. We hope you leave feeling more relaxed and refreshed!

A gift from Our Spa 

We'd like to invite you to enjoy one free 30-minute foot massage on us 
with the purchase of any service in your birthday week.

Just email us at
relaxave159@relaxave.com or 

relaxave7776@relaxave.com for a coupon 

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Client Testimonials

Our Facilities

We opened in July 2011 in downtown Livermore. We opened a second location in August 2014 in Dublin. Each of our massage therapists is a licensed CMT. We have 10 foot massage chairs and 8 massage tables in private rooms (including couple's rooms).


My husband and I have been going to Relax Day Spa for about 3  years. Went there today for the first time since they reopened and it felt incredibly great after the first massage in 6 months! They are opened indoor with limited capacity.  The masseur had his mask on the whole time. They have an air purifier in the main room.  Sheet were used to covered the chair and changed in between customers.   They no longer provide blankets likely because the blankets are not washable. Michelle is usually my favorite but she only works on weekend now.   John did the foot massage for me today and he was just as good.   It's great to see their long term masseurs still working there.   Please don't forget to tip generously.   The business and the masseurs were hit hard during this pandemic.  Hope they can continue to provide good service!         Pamela W.

 My mom, sister and I are beyond loyal Relax Ave enthusiasts. You want to know why? 
1. No frills attached epic massages. This isn't your regular mild Swedish massage with soft strokes and aromatherapy - the pressure is firm, the technique is flawless and the masseuses simply get down to business from the start. It's an hour of sheer bliss. , I couldn’t even move my neck from side to side. Now I can move my neck in all motions and even participate in activities that I love--like salsa dancing! 

2. Friendly staf ...... Priya S